10 Dove Street



If you’re in a tight budget to treat your loved one/s good food without breaking the intimate mood, 10 Dove street is the place where you should be.

In their menu you can find the “10 Dove Street Experience” worth P250.00 that lets you enjoy soup, salad sandwhich and dessert of your choice from their wide array of food selection. This is best for customers who are in for a diet and for those who don’t have much big appetite.

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Another choice you’ll find from their menu are the “Kitchen Favorites” that lets you enjoy soup, entree and dessert of your choice for only P275.00

10 Dove Street Buffet Menu

Peeks of their food

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Call ahead and reserve the favorite romatics location with this number (032) 418 1010.

10 Dove Street is located at the Oakidge Business Park Mandaue City.

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Cafe Talk Library


Photo from cafe talk

At last I finally found a Cafe not rained with sticky notes! As a cafe junkie, I noticed that the standard for a Korean Cafe to be called one is to get the place showered with sticky notes (not that I hate sticky notes). For me, it just can’t give all the comfort and fun to its customers.

The place I found is Cafe Talk Library located in Esacario. It is more than just a cafe and library in one because you can play fun board games, watch movies and enjoy their music at the same time. They also have some funky wigs and shades to try on.


This is me enjoying my stay here

The Cafe also gives you the choice to dine on their tables and chairs or dine the korean style (like Indian sit on the floor only with comfy pillows) which other cafes do not offer.


This is their Menu, you’ll see that their drinks and food are affordable. I highly recommend the chicken soy sauce. It’s really delicious!


Here are some of the photos I took there!


I really enjoyed my stay here watching movies. I felt like I was at home and this is something other cafes missed to make me feel.

Snickeroo (Diary 1)


October 5,2014

   It started as a craving until it turned into an addiction.

         I have been eating snickers since last week. I eat four to six bars a day because I feel like I’m going to go crazy when I miss to eat one especially when I pass by this snack stall in the canteen.

            I even see myself carrying snickers in my dream that one time and eat snickers in class.

        My friends tell me not to eat so much of it because I might overdose myself with sugar and maybe die because of diabetes.

        Right now I am having a battle with my self just to avoid consuming another snicker that is innocently settled in our fridge.

           I think what I need now is a snicker rehab (sounds funny but I’m serious).

           For this diary’s end note, I’d like to leave a question for myself. WILL I BE ABLE TO RESIST SNICKERS?


Tuslob Buwa



Who would have thought that Tuslob Buwa, a dish out of Pork brain cooked with oil , fish sauce, onions, shrimp paste and chopped liver would become the latest crave to many Cebuanos today.



Tuslob Buwa ‘To dip in bubbles’ started cookin’ in the streets of Pasil and the wet market in Carbon a long time ago but was popularized by AZUL, a convenience store, who re-invented its style. Making it more hygienic, safer to eat and more fun to cook by the customers themselves! just like shabu-shabu.



It may be unpleasant or disgusting to hear at first but once you try it, you’d want to apologize for misjudging it and hear yourself saying that its yummy a hundred times over.


This dish can bring you and your friends or family together while experiencing the exceptional taste this exotic dish has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? don’t get left out with the newest talk of the town. Try Tuslob Buwa now!


Reminders from Azul

Breakfast at the Canvas

Start your day right with a healthy breakfast at the Canvas Bistro Bar and Gallery (CBBG) that features a modern Australian Cuisine.

Their breakfast menu offers a fresh, irresistible meal that will definitely suit your taste buds and satisfy your early morning cravings.

Peaks of them are Cured Salmon gravlax with cream cheese & scrambled eggs on brioche roll, Sweet corn & zucchini fritters with grilled tomato, spinach mushrooms & sourdough, Korean kimchee & bean sprout pancakes with chili shrimp scrambled eggs and Banana pancake with grilled ham, camembert cheese & scrambled egg.


Chef's toasted muesli, honey toastedoats, roast nuts, dried mango, cranberries, dates ndraisins with yogur, mango puree

Chef’s toasted muesli, honey toasted oats, roast nuts, dried mango, cranberries, dates and raisins with yogurt, mango puree

Sweetcornand zuccinifritters with grilled tomato, spinach and mushrooms

Sweetcorn and zuccini fritters with grilled tomato, spinach and mushrooms

KOrean kimchee and beansprout pancakes with chilli shrimp scrambled eggs

KOrean kimchee and bean sprout pancakes with chilli shrimp scrambled eggs

Banana pancakewith grilled ham, camembert cheese and scrambled egg

Banana pancake with grilled ham, camembert cheese and scrambled egg

Eya Shrimski, owner of CBBG said that they wanted to offer an alternative that is fresher at the same time tasty and healthy food to their customers.

Shrimski added that their reason for opening the breakfast is the growing number of BPO call centers and residential units around the area that are open for 24 hours, the need to provide product available for the different times of the day and having the services accessible to meet the customers’ needs.

Starting June 21, CBBG will be open daily to serve breakfast from 7:00 to 11:00 am.

CBBG is located at the second level of the Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.

Discover its yumminess for yourself and dine now at the Canvas!