Cafe Talk Library

Photo from cafe talk

At last I finally found a Cafe not rained with sticky notes! As a cafe junkie, I noticed that the standard for a Korean Cafe to be called one is to get the place showered with sticky notes (not that I hate sticky notes). For me, it just can’t give all the comfort and fun to its customers.

The place I found is Cafe Talk Library located in Esacario. It is more than just a cafe and library in one because you can play fun board games, watch movies and enjoy their music at the same time. They also have some funky wigs and shades to try on.

This is me enjoying my stay here

The Cafe also gives you the choice to dine on their tables and chairs or dine the korean style (like Indian sit on the floor only with comfy pillows) which other cafes do not offer.


This is their Menu, you’ll see that their drinks and food are affordable. I highly recommend the chicken soy sauce. It’s really delicious!


Here are some of the photos I took there!


I really enjoyed my stay here watching movies. I felt like I was at home and this is something other cafes missed to make me feel.

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