Snickeroo (Diary 1)


October 5,2014

   It started as a craving until it turned into an addiction.

         I have been eating snickers since last week. I eat four to six bars a day because I feel like I’m going to go crazy when I miss to eat one especially when I pass by this snack stall in the canteen.

            I even see myself carrying snickers in my dream that one time and eat snickers in class.

        My friends tell me not to eat so much of it because I might overdose myself with sugar and maybe die because of diabetes.

        Right now I am having a battle with my self just to avoid consuming another snicker that is innocently settled in our fridge.

           I think what I need now is a snicker rehab (sounds funny but I’m serious).

           For this diary’s end note, I’d like to leave a question for myself. WILL I BE ABLE TO RESIST SNICKERS?


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