La vie parisienne


Just a bottle of wine with fine bread and french macaroons to complement the night in a stupendous site.

Lights fade in as our laughter crow of the stories untold and the recollection of the good old days.

Tears sprung from the unspoken emotions and the joy that was never felt before.


With my life's treasures

With my life’s treasures ;*

¬†We were once strangers walking on a different path, now we’re friends on the same road to forever.

From the crazy frantic moments to the bitter states, we all faced it together.

As the days go by our bond gets stronger, unbreakable and flawless.

Ohana~ Nobody gets left behind

Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind

You all are the best gift of my everyday. My happy pills and soul sisters.


Cheers for the years to come!!!