Cool Hot Chick: Summer OOTD’s

SUMMER has never been this hot but we shouldn’t let it turn our cool down. Here are some outfits that’ll make you a cool hot chick this summer.


Crop tops are totally in this season! Get sun-kissed with this simple yet well color coordinated look fitting for the summer vibes. For a more classy look, a white bag and sandals is also a must wear.


The raging heat is sometimes a kill joy, bring back your cool with this white crop top, semi high-waist and denim jacket. Drop the boring shoes and wear sneakers. To complete this look, wear your best sunnies.


Tuck-in baby! This minimalistic look is perfect when going to the beach, mall or on road trips. The mandals totally complete this look.


Nothing beats this old vintage feels outfit. The OOTD that’ll make you feel so you, free and spirited. Don’t forget your favorite pair of Vans!


Fedora’s are also in this season! This fashionable hat can top almost all your OOTD’s. This looks best when complemented with denim blouse, white high-waist and sandals.


The summer don’t care korean style is the simplest yet a very elegant look for summer. You can surely find this combo in your closet.

Pictures are grabbed from Pinterest.

Recommended Reads: Stupid Is Forever

FB_IMG_1426159131660STUPID IS FOREVER is Miriam Defensor Santiago’s collection of jokes, one-liners, pick-up lines, comebacks and speeches delivered and or curated by our favorite senator herself.

Bibliophiles or not, she got them to read the book. It is now one of the most top selling local books in the Philippines that even beat famous pocket books series and the emerging romantic themed comic books.

I do not even have to tell anyone to read this book, the fact that it’s Miriam’s is more than enough for an advertisement.

This only proves that Senator Miriam is indeed an influential woman. Young or old, everyone respects Miriam. She is someone we all should look up to.

Recommended Reads: Three Weeks In Paris


In Paris, four young women once shared the time of their lives. Now, seven years after they left the prestigious Anya Sedgwick School of Decorative Arts, they are coming back for the eighty-fifth birthday celebration of the school’s founder and grande dame.

Designer Kay Lenox returns with her career soaring and her marriage crumbling. American Jessica Pierce is determined to unravel the baffling disappearance of the man she loved in Paris. Italian Maria Franconi must face the women whose friendship she lost–and her deepest doubts about herself. And Alexa Gordon knows that Paris is still about a man she can’t resist, even as she is about to become another man’s wife.

In Barbara Taylor Bradford’s enthralling tapestry of relationships, choices, and one haunting mystery, four successful women share three weeks in the city that shaped their lives–and where they will now share a second chance.