H I M <3

H  I  M

“He’s not real!”  “Wake up Girl!”  “You’ll die single” “Forever alone” are just some of the common reaction people say when I share about the standards of my ideal guy.

He must be about 5’11 tall

I want to feel his chin rest on my head while being wrapped in his long spidery arms. That way the both of us would look cute.

He must be rich

Love alone can’t bring food on the table. I want someone who would treat me like a princess and would let me eat to my heart’s content.

He must be handsome

I can’t be a princess without my handsome prince in his shining Armani suit. I want every girl to envy me because I have the perfect guy.

But at the end of the day, I am just like every other girl who is more than willing to FORGET the standards for …

♥ A man who would rush at my place bringing me medicine just because I texted him  that I have a headache

♥ A man who would take time picking the prettiest rose for me instead of  just giving me a bunch of random roses

♥A man who would hug me even if  I’m sweaty from volleyball practice

♥A man who would respect me when I’m alone with him

♥A man who would proudly introduce me to his family and friends

♥A man who respects my God and the things that I believe in

♥A man who is willing to give me his last slice of pizza because he knows It’s my favorite

♥A man who is a call away making sure I wouldn’t feel alone

♥A man who would kiss me on the forehead in front of his family and friends 

and lastly. . .

♥A man who wouldn’t promise me forever but would surprise me that we’re almost getting there.

Even if  he’s far from my ideal guy, I wouldn’t give a shhh anymore because he is  the great guy and more importantly he is my guy 🙂

To all the girls out there, don’t get blinded with the “ideal guy” or “Mr. Perfect” because you might just miss the great guy for you.


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