Australia’s Oldest Man Knitted Tiny Sweaters for Injured Penguins

This is really cute :3


Alfred “Alfie” Date, Australia’s oldest living man, is putting his amazingly sharp mind and nimble hands to good use.

The 109-year-old likes to spend his free time knitting little sweaters for injured penguins from his room at a retirement home New South Wales, reports 9Stories.

Alfie picked up the hobby over 80 years, when his sister-in-law handed him a pair of needles and some wool and asked the man to knit a jumper for her baby boy.

That baby boy grew out of the jumper decades ago, but Alfie has continued to knit. The great-great-grandfather enjoys taking requests, so when two nurses asked in March if he wanted to knit sweaters for needy penguins, Alfie started stitching.

His creations were donated to Victoria’s Phillip Island Penguin Foundation to help little penguins affected by an oil spill. Little penguins are a rare species only found in Australia and New Zealand…

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