To: Santa From: Allysa


Dear Santa who fancy the color red:

My name is Allysa a.k.a Cho. I have been a consistent fan of yours since I was young even when I am fully aware that my parents are the real Santa Claus minus the boots, the sleigh with reindeers, the white beard and that big belly of yours.

I am writing to you to because Christmas is coming and I would like to ask you for some gifts (I hope you grant them).

But before I share to you my Christmas list, I want to tell you a little something about myself.

I am not a good girl but I am not a bad one either. I do my best in school while breaking few rules like dyeing my hair ash blonde, wearing my skirt above expected, answering phone calls in the library and littering when I don’t have a choice. I am not generous but I am not selfish too.

As a daughter I am regarded a pain in the butt (to make it less vulgar) considering my lawyer skills when it comes to defending myself to them. But I do love my parents as much as I love myself.

That is why for my wish, I would love it if you give them big bonuses so that they could buy something for themselves and not something for me and my sister.

My second wish is that I hope you give me lots and lots of sticky notes because I am aging and having trouble recalling stuff.

Third would be a library. I love to read books and I do not plan to stop reading even when I am good as a vegetable waiting to rot in my death bed.

Fourth would be evidence, evidence for all the scams that me and my country men has been a victim of.

Fifth is food, lots and lots of food for the poor so they would feel that they have a reason to celebrate Christmas.

Sixth would be toys and shoes for the kids all over the world so that they would feel the spirit of Christmas, a season of giving.

My last wish would be Contentment. I am not sure how you can give this but this is what people need. We cannot have all we want but we can do a lot with what we have and this is already enough to make us happy.

Well, I hope that I did not bore you with my list and that this is not too much to ask.

Advance Merry Christmas Santa!

Yours Truly,


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