The Library



As I set foot in the library, I saw him sitting in the far end of the room alone. He was reading a textbook while listening to music.

In the blank walls and the free space of the bookshelves, I just stare at him and I’m inevitably charmed.

I felt my heart skipped faster as I drew closer and closer to him. My thoughts wrestled in my head, I wanted to sit on the same table but he might find it awkward. He doesn’t know me not even barely my name.




So I decided to sit on the next table in front of his and picked a seat that’s facing him. I can imagine myself blushing seeing him this close.

I opened my book and assumingly read while my eyes shape in like a spy, hoping to catch him looking at me too.

After many obvious glances,  a shadow of a woman drew nearer and the beholder sat on the chair in front of him. I tilted my body wanting to figure out the evil witch to my fairytale.

She was pretty, she got the perfect nose and her curves were emphasized with the fit of her uniform.

They talked on a moderate voice while I curiously eavesdrop. They were laughing about something I cannot hear about.

I felt a little bit jealous cause I wanted to make him laugh too but I don’t clearly have a stand against Ms. perfect over there.

So I laid down the flag, stood up, fetched my things and pushed back the chair. I saw him looking at me in my peripheral vision but I wonder if I should still be happy about it.

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