Just Don’t


Don’t look deep into my eyes, see through my soul and say that I’m beautiful if you’ll turn your eyes that quickly when you see another pretty face.

Don’t hold my hand and touch my heart if you intend to do that with everyone else.

Don’t promise me tomorrow if you’ll be gone the next day.

Don’t smile and captivate my eyes if you’ll just leave me hanging.

Don’t make me dream about the future of you and I if you’ll only let me do it with someone else.

Don’t care for me if its only temporary.

Don’t bring me to beautiful places if we can’t go back there together.

Don’t protect me if its only for your ego.

Don’t hug me tight if it wil be the first and last.

Don’t kiss me if it’s only a game for you.

Don’t tell people Im yours if its only for a day.

Don’t make me believe in love if you’ll be the reason why I won’t believe in it again.

Just dont. . .


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