The Voice S6 Insights



It hasn’t even been days after Josh Kaufman won the sixth season of The Voice yet a lot of viewers especially the Grimmie fans opposes to celebrate with him on his victory. Both Kaufman and Grimmie fans are now at war defending both their idols.



As a C.Grimmie fan I wanted and expected her to win the competition considering her exceptional style and voice in singing but I also have to admit that J.K was a worthy opponent for her. I bet that even the other solid Grimmie fans were threatened when they heard J.K sing.

But what made fans like myself cannot believe is that she lost when all her performances trend in YouTube, she has a huge fan base and her audition has been hailed the greatest so far.

Then again C.Grimmie has a lot of potential, her being third place does not stop her from reaching the top.  In fact before she even joined The Voice she was already making a name in YouTube as zeldaxlove64 by doing covers and by being a guest performer in some shows. She even released her own album “find me” and “with love”.

Christina is only 20 and surely has a long way to go, so there’s no need to rant and form an angry mob against JK, there’s no need to be sorry for her too. Let us all just pray and hope that she wouldn’t end up like other artists doing drugs and wasting their youth.

Go Christina Grimmie!!!

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