Things To Do


Have you ever felt bad being idle the whole day , regret not doing any prolific activity, or forgot a very important event?

If you have, then it’s best to have a list of things you have to do or things you want to do. Making a list would make you a productive individual and lessen the “omg! I totally forgot moment”.(Trust me it’s a life savior)

Your list may not only contain the serious things you have to do, if you have a special someone you can add on your list that you should make that person happy everyday or remind that person of how you much love him/ her. If you have offended someone you can add there that you should be reminded to apologize to that person. If you have a pet, you can add there “don’t forget to feed my baby”

You can really put anything on your list but no matter how long your lists are, if you’re not willing to work on them nothing will change.


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