The Characters: Him, Her, Me



To me, it was always about him, the love of my life, my savior and my best friend. He’s clueless that my heart flutters when he puts his hand around my shoulder, how happy I am when we walk to school together, when he messes with my hair, the chills I feel when he whispers, the sweet feeling of our late night calls, and how I feel safe when he’s with me.


I wish I was her because to him she is his universe, his future, his other half, his happiness, the prettiest, the one~ his one and only love. She’s aware of what he feels but can only offer friendship. She too, has someone in her heart.


To him, I am a third wheel, savior, catcher, back-up, partner in crime, comforter and the bestest friend he ever had , but I’m also a witness to his stupidities, his heart aches, his happiness and his down falls. I want to tell him but how can I? when I see him smile everyday because of her, and if I do I might lose the only relationship we could ever have.

Our story is not from a movie or a book but I wish it was because it has always been the reality I try to run away from


  1. In 1897 Arthur Schnitzler wrote La Ronde, a play involving a love tringle. It has been adapted many times, even turned into a musical. In the play, you love him, he loves her, and she loves you. None returns the sentiment to the one that loves them. Ah, life.

    Thank you for visiting my online writing studio and choosing to follow my work. I appreciate it.

  2. Oh I’ve been there! Too many times. But now it is all a long long time ago and I barely remember.
    Thank you for following ‘Adventures in Wonderland’. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer. And I hope things improve for you soon 🙂
    Cheers, Alison

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