Somebody Loved   We all have that one hand we want to hold while going to places new or old. We all dream to be wrapped at someone’s arms may the weather be hot or cold. We all have that someone’s lips we want to kiss also to make and share our bliss, That someone to tease and someone whom we want to see first thing in the morning. Not having anyone special right now doesn’t make me desperate to look for one but as a romantic novel junkie, I have come to miss the feeling of being loved, its first cute awkward moments to the unfolding page of both the couples real character. In God’s time, I’ll meet the man for me. He doesn’t have to be perfect as the leading man in the novels I read, he doesn’t have to change to fit my standards but if he still tries to reach them, I’ll let him do it. He doesn’t have to be the best or the coolest. I just want him to be the way he is that was enough to make me fall. I want the song SOMEBODY LOVED to be our theme song because It’s simple, sweet, direct and cute. This song will also remind him that I am grateful for him turning me into somebody loved, somebody happy and somebody fulfilled. —————————————————————————————— What theme song would you like to have? ❤


  1. Thank for following my blog and recommending that, that is so kind of you. I think one of the most romantic songs have either been sung by or written by Dan Hill, maybe the most romantic is “Sometimes when we Touch”, another two songs of his I really like are “Hold On” and “o Canada”.

    I love the enthusiasm of your blog and I hope you get lots of comments. Please stay in touch.

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