Things You Might Regret Doing


Life is short not because it wants to deprive us of time, but to teach us to cherish every moment while we live it.

Here are simple things I thought that people might regret doing in the future-

Ignoring her calls for a spat

Calling a 275 lbs. kid piggy

Friendzoned a great guy for a cool one

Yelled at your parents

Cheating on your girlfriend

Missing to eat your favorite food for diet

Kept your love silent instead of confessing it

Staying at home instead of being out on a Saturday night with friends

Not saying hi to your long time crush

Missed to ride the plane because of your fear of heights

Forgot to walk your dog

Missed to water the plants in your garden

Didn’t kiss your grandma on her birthday

Played games instead of studying for an exam

Eating vegetables alone when you can eat meat and try different dishes with it

Not jumping off the waterfall and experienced adventure

Spend all your money with shopping than family

Skipping class

Missed the chance to be discovered because you were shy

Not going to mass

Back-bite a friend

Give your all but nothing left for yourself

Not to eat McDo fries!

Say things when you’re angry

Threw your couple ring

Starving yourself because of heartbreak

Wanting to die for an unworthy person

Not saying thank you because she chose to love you

Letting her go when you can still fix the relationship

Not clicking the publish button of the blog you wrote whole heartedly

Giving up on your dreams

Life is beautiful because it short. It’s short because it wants to teach us the value of time.

So always make everything count, even the simplest essence of things.

Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy.

P.s. I will add some more things that people might regret in the future 🙂

3 thoughts on “Things You Might Regret Doing

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  2. Not taking chances while thinking, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’, then going for it.
    Letting go of trust and wonder.
    Not seeing through the eyes of a child the wonders we forget too easily.
    Blogging instead of cuddling my kids. Have to fix that one between posts.
    So many. And most for me are on the things I never did list.

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