Perfect on Paper The (Mis)adventures of Waverly Bryson


Perfect on Paper is my first book read by the author Maria Murnane.

I bought her book in book sale (a heaven for bibliophiles) after the books’ log line captured my interest and later on tingled my emotions.

It is a book about a girl named Waverly in her late 20’s who almost had everything she dreamed. Her PR job in sports, two bestfriends, a bar where everyone knows her name and a supposedly happy marraige with the love of her life.

Besides other issues keeping her busy includes her father, a new rival at work and an ever nagging fear that her life is not turning out as she thought it would or should.

To stay sane, Waverly makes a habbit of jotting down “Honey Notes,” self-deprecating bits of single-girl humor that she hopes to one day develop into a line of greeting cards.

As Waverly stumbles back into the dating scene her personal and professional lives threaten to collide.

The book reminds us that everyone has had a bad date or twelve and that everyone needs a best friend to tell them, “HONEY, you are not alone”

I recommend this to every single women who still believes that they got a shot on love but is hindered by their own fear and low-self esteem.

This book is highly humurous. Definitely a novel you’ll enjoy reading!

Cafe Talk Library


Photo from cafe talk

At last I finally found a Cafe not rained with sticky notes! As a cafe junkie, I noticed that the standard for a Korean Cafe to be called one is to get the place showered with sticky notes (not that I hate sticky notes). For me, it just can’t give all the comfort and fun to its customers.

The place I found is Cafe Talk Library located in Esacario. It is more than just a cafe and library in one because you can play fun board games, watch movies and enjoy their music at the same time. They also have some funky wigs and shades to try on.


       This is me enjoying my stay here

The Cafe also gives you the choice to dine on their tables and chairs or dine the korean style (like Indian sit on the floor only with comfy pillows) which other cafes do not offer.


This is their Menu, you’ll see that their drinks and food are affordable. I highly recommend the chicken soy sauce. It’s really delicious!


Here are some of the photos I took there!


I really enjoyed my stay there watching movies. I felt like I was at home and this is something other cafes missed to make me feel.

To: Santa From: Allysa


Dear Santa who fancy the color red:

My name is Allysa a.k.a Cho. I have been a consistent fan of yours since I was young even when I am fully aware that my parents are the real Santa Claus minus the boots, the sleigh with reindeers, the white beard and that big belly of yours.

I am writing to you to because Christmas is coming and I would like to ask you for some gifts (I hope you grant them).

But before I share to you my Christmas list, I want to tell you a little something about myself.

I am not a good girl but I am not a bad one either. I do my best in school while breaking few rules like dyeing my hair ash blonde, wearing my skirt above expected, answering phone calls in the library and littering when I don’t have a choice. I am not generous but I am not selfish too.

As a daughter I am regarded a pain in the butt (to make it less vulgar) considering my lawyer skills when it comes to defending myself to them. But I do love my parents as much as I love myself.

That is why for my wish, I would love it if you give them big bonuses so that they could buy something for themselves and not something for me and my sister.

My second wish is that I hope you give me lots and lots of sticky notes because I am aging and having trouble recalling stuff.

Third would be a library. I love to read books and I do not plan to stop reading even when I am good as a vegetable waiting to rot in my death bed.

Fourth would be evidence, evidence for all the scams that me and my country men has been a victim of.

Fifth is food, lots and lots of food for the poor so they would feel that they have a reason to celebrate Christmas.

Sixth would be toys and shoes for the kids all over the world so that they would feel the spirit of Christmas, a season of giving.

My last wish would be Contentment. I am not sure how you can give this but this is what people need. We cannot have all we want but we can do a lot with what we have and this is already enough to make us happy.

Well, I hope that I did not bore you with my list and that this is not too much to ask.

Advance Merry Christmas Santa!

Yours Truly,


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No More Crime and Punishment: Engaging Your Modern Students with Classic Literature by Meredith Sizemore


The youth would be lost without literature.

Originally posted on Nerdy Book Club:

In the last decade, there has been conversation amongst teachers about replacing classic literature with modern texts and encouraging free-choice reading in the classroom. I’ve personally witnessed the transition between being a high school student to teaching high school students. However, in 2003, when I entered high school, I was different from most high school students today: I loved literature. I swooned for Shakespeare’s language in Hamlet, I was thrilled by Ray Bradbury’s futuristic world in Fahrenheit 451, and I cried for Lennie in Of Mice and Men.

Today, most high school students think reading classics is a Crime and Punishment. I’ve heard students’ reasons range from, “It’s too hard,” to “It’s just old,” to “It’s boring.” Teens would much rather be reading something that is relevant to their generation and their current interests. They’d rather be thrilled by zombies, vampires, and cancer-ridden kids than War…

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I’ve Been Meaning To Talk To You About Him…


Been in this situation before. Sometimes I just want to slap my friend or spill her with water out of love because she’s really hard headed and it annoys me sometimes hahaha

Originally posted on Long Awkward Pause:

He’s back.

All of us, your friends, knew he’d show up. We all remember how crushed you were when he left; when was that – last year? Yeah, and the year before.

Look, it’s nice to see you smile. It’s what that smile costs that I have a problem with. You don’t want to hear it and I feel mean saying it, but he’s already looking at the door. What’s it been, a month? No, I know you think it’s going to be different this time.

Pumpkin. He’s using you, girlfriend. We all know it. (image via

You thought he’d change last year. Where’d we end up? Sitting in this coffee shop with you crying on my shoulder about being here without him, just like the year before. That’s why I asked to meet you back here.

I should have known that you’d be sitting with him when I…

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